Mardi Gras: Black Masking Indians

The annual Mardi Gras holiday in New Orleans comes with the expectation of beads, costumes and funky floats.  Unless you decide to venture off St Charles and Canal Street and walk a mile through the Uptown New Orleans neighborhoods, the chance of seeing a tribe of Black Masking Indians is low. “The Indians are not Read More

Where are all the Black professors, LSU?

Generett Bell has spent hundreds of hours in classrooms in his four years at Louisiana State University. He doesn’t recall any of his two dozen professors being Black. This is the case for most students at LSU. Only 4% of LSU’s full-time professors are African American, compared to 15% of students. But never seeing professors Read More

The Road to Genderless Clothing

The Heian Era, Middle Ages Europe, and the Rick Owens Spring 2012 collection had at least one thing in common: men wearing skirts.  Fashion trends are created, recycled and repeated, and the fine line between femininity and masculinity isn’t an exception. For decades, unisex clothing was the bridge between two genders. But society and gender Read More

Not-So Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is a subjective and complex task to master – it depends on your budget and who the gift receiver is. This is what makes Secret Santa shopping so tricky. Not only is the assigned recipient usually merely an acquaintance (if that), but you’re also only working with a £20 budget.  Read More

The Holiday Chill: For Student-Athletes

Monday, November 29th Time: 7:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Bring a pair of unused socks to donate to the Sock-It-To-Me drive RSVP by 11/26 for food count Read More

Anxiety Talks: The Quad

It is arguably the most beautiful part of campus, so why is walking through the Quad so unnecessarily daunting for me? Right now, I’m not sure whether I should pretend to be on my phone, stare at the ground, or awkwardly make eye contact with everyone that walks past me. Is that the girl in Read More

Micah Viccinneli: From LSU Photography to Vogue Italia

My appreciation for the arts is great; my ability to execute anything artistic is not. But speaking to LSU Alum and Vogue Italia feature Micah Viccinelli about his photography gave me an unnecessarily profound boost in confidence. He inspired me to search for my dust-covered disposable film camera and put it to use again. Like Read More