The Rearview Mirror: Chapter 1, Reducing Drunk Driving

As we gear up for another weekend of tailgating and holiday festivities, young people… actually anyone really, are at risk for drinking and driving. Of the drivers with a blood alcohol concentration higher than 0.08%, one out of 3 were between the ages of 21 and 24, and on a college campus like LSU, the Read More

The Holiday Chill: For Student-Athletes

Monday, November 29th Time: 7:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Bring a pair of unused socks to donate to the Sock-It-To-Me drive RSVP by 11/26 for food count Read More

When An Old Soul is Forced to Grow: A Review of 30 by Adele

Everyone who has ever followed me or spoken to me for even a short amount of time can tell you that I love a good heartbreaking song. If the lyrics can pierce my heart and draw tears from my eyes, it will probably go number One on my iPhone charts. After almost 6 years, Adele Read More

November Forecast

New moon in Scorpio (Nov 4th) Mercury ingress Scorpio (Nov 5th) Venus ingress Capricorn (Nov 4th) Mars squares Saturn -fixed signs water and air- (Nov 10th) Lunar eclipse Scorpio (19th November) Mars opposite Uranus (17th) (difficult aspect) Sun ingress sag (21st) Mercury ingress Sagittarius (24th) Mercury conjunct Sun (28th) SATURN SQUARE URANUS -Saturn within 3 Read More

What is Astrology?

Here’s an oversimplified explanation: Astrology is the study of the cosmos, specifically the influence they have on us. Astrologers like myself, believe the position of the luminaries, planets, and asteroids at the moment of our birth has an effect on our personalities. Tip/Instruction We recommend starting off with reading for the sign of your Ascendant. Read More

Disconnect to Reconnect 

Carly Nicholson What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Stretch? Get a glass of water? Use the bathroom? Or wait, is it the dreaded phone grab?  Until this past week, I was a phone grabber. When I woke up, when I waited in line, when I ate my lunch, before I went to bed – there was my Read More

Anxiety Talks: The Quad

It is arguably the most beautiful part of campus, so why is walking through the Quad so unnecessarily daunting for me? Right now, I’m not sure whether I should pretend to be on my phone, stare at the ground, or awkwardly make eye contact with everyone that walks past me. Is that the girl in Read More

Micah Viccinneli: From LSU Photography to Vogue Italia

My appreciation for the arts is great; my ability to execute anything artistic is not. But speaking to LSU Alum and Vogue Italia feature Micah Viccinelli about his photography gave me an unnecessarily profound boost in confidence. He inspired me to search for my dust-covered disposable film camera and put it to use again. Like Read More

Q&A with an LSU Sport Psychologist

I sat down with Christine Sotile for a Q&A, we talked about what she enjoys most about her job, resources that us students can take advantage of and a few tips to deal with worsening mental health. Christine currently serves as Coordinator of Student-Athlete Mental Health in the LSU Athletic Department’s Sport Psychology & Counselling Read More

Why You Should Do A Study Abroad

Carla Cushnie Three years ago, the thought of moving halfway across the world to a completely new place away from my family and friends for school is never something I would have thought of myself doing, and yet here I am having almost completed a whole semester at Louisiana State University. I have lived my Read More

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