Resolutions to Spice Up Your New Year

It’s a new year, so it’s time for everyone to become a “new me”. Now begins the weight loss journey, and that soda pop drop. Such a convenient time to start, as well. Right before summer, when men need to get shredded and women need to get that coke bottle figure…but we only keep them Read More

Disconnect to Reconnect 

Carly Nicholson What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Stretch? Get a glass of water? Use the bathroom? Or wait, is it the dreaded phone grab?  Until this past week, I was a phone grabber. When I woke up, when I waited in line, when I ate my lunch, before I went to bed – there was my Read More

Q&A with an LSU Sport Psychologist

I sat down with Christine Sotile for a Q&A, we talked about what she enjoys most about her job, resources that us students can take advantage of and a few tips to deal with worsening mental health. Christine currently serves as Coordinator of Student-Athlete Mental Health in the LSU Athletic Department’s Sport Psychology & Counselling Read More

Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month 

  November is Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Although mental health for everyone should be taken more seriously, this month, it is important to recognize and help anyone who identifies as a male or as a man who may be impacted by mental health problems.  Males don’t receive enough recognition for the immense pressures they Read More