The Vindication of Twilight Fans: A Review of Pablo Lorrain’s Spencer

5 Stars The year is 2008. Twilight is on our screen and Kristen Stewart stars in the lead role as Bella Swan. I knew then that she was a star. Vindication is SWEET.  Before I even really get into why Spencer I have got to say that Kristen Stewart deserves an apology. I have been Read More

Succession: Everything You Need to Know About Everyone’s Favorite Evil Family

If you didn’t know, Succession is one of HBO’s best pieces of television in years (and that is saying something since we know the quality that HBO is able to put out). Succession is back after a two-year hiatus with Season 3 of the show and things are heating up with the Roy Family but Read More

Sustainability Series: Hello Sustainability, Goodbye Unnecessary Waste!

Anissa Hyde Sustainability. You’ve heard of it, right? People fall on various parts of the spectrum when it comes to their awareness and engagement in sustainability. And that is perfectly fine. My major is Conservation Biology so I would fall towards the more hyper-aware, active side of said spectrum. What about people who know sustainability Read More

Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month 

  November is Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Although mental health for everyone should be taken more seriously, this month, it is important to recognize and help anyone who identifies as a male or as a man who may be impacted by mental health problems.  Males don’t receive enough recognition for the immense pressures they Read More

Dummies In Football 

Polina Shchennikova  It’s a brisk Saturday morning. The sun peeps through the curtains, there’s a scent of fresh coffee from a pot your roommate put on, and the birds are chirping… except those aren’t birds. That is the sound of diehard LSU football fans shotgunning a beer at 11:00am in the morning. As you look Read More

November Horoscope: Pisces

Pisces, you are moving around a lot this month; what are you searching for? During this month, you find yourself searching for the meaning of life. More specifically, what brings meaning to your life. PURPOSE. Through communications with others, you will find that your beliefs are transformed. With venus ingress into Capricorn, you find that Read More

November Horoscope: Aquarius

This month’s focus is on public image. You will see this through changes occurring in your place of work, potentially the results of being recognized for your efforts. At this time, you are concerned about how this current period will affect your future status. Is this serving your future goals? Do you know where you Read More

November Horoscope: Capricorn

During this month, you may find that your social life is at the focus. You may find yourself building your network during this time, particularly a boost through a notable figure. The energy you place into your social life will pay off through a gain in your social life, which may bring forth improvements in Read More

November Horoscope: Sagittarius

This period may feel unusual for you; where you feel the need to bring your energy inwards (you may even feel that your social life is being momentarily restricted). Digging deep into your beliefs and what’s been holding you back. You may find an inner transformation through the energy you have been placing into yourself. Read More

November Horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpio, I hope Joe Goldberg hasn’t given you any crazy ideas. During this month, you feel empowered in your sense of self. Have you been working on transforming your appearance? Be bold, Scorpio! You desire to be recognized and become further aware of how others see you. With this month’s energy, you may feel that Read More

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