Meet Courtland, BR photographer, videographer and visionary

Hi Courtland! Introduce ya self My name is Courtland, I’m 21 years old. I’m from Hammond, Louisiana but I’m based in Baton Rouge. I go to BRCC where I study entertainment technology, I’m hoping to transfer to LSU or Loyola in New Orleans to study film.  A lot of people see you as Courtland the Read More

Jar Alert

Let’s talk about jars. As a sustainable baddie, I love a good glass mason jar. They come in all shapes and sizes and they are easier to find than you think. Mason Jars are like cars you never heard of before but then you see one for the first time and now they are everywhere. Read More

Good Plates

The key to sustainability is not throwing things away or never buying anything again. That’s far from the truth, especially when you’re already on a budget. The real key to living a sustainable life is thinking about the longevity of the things you acquire or already have. For example, paper plates are convenient. But they Read More