Cancer: November Horoscope

Are you having fun, Cancer? Expression through creativity is the focus, particularly how you put yourself out there. Can you take a break from the responsibilities of life? The answer is yes; the question is WILL you? Recognizing Venus is ingress Capricorn, expect intensity in relationships. This is the time to be intentional in your Read More

Gemini: November Horoscope

During this month, you are focusing on how to optimize your routine and environment. In addition, your focus may be towards improving your health (that checkup that you have been holding off). The new moon may inspire you to alter your work environment, particularly something that has been lingering. With Venus ingress Capricorn, you may Read More

Taurus: November Horoscope

Taurus this November is all about relationships! The theme is socializing. The focus is on how you relate to others. With Scorpio being here, this might usher a theme of sudden transformation in the realm of partnerships. Venus in Capricorn will usher in harmonic opportunities in school, travels, or pursuits in experiencing foreign cultures. Be Read More

Aries: November Horoscope

This November is all about transforming for you, particularly with the sun and Mars transiting the 8th house. Transformations may manifest through a secret being revealed-particularly in your relationships. In recent times you have felt trapped. What has been holding you back, Aries? I am wondering what thoughts you have explored regarding your friend groups Read More